Water meters

Meter Reading

Providing your own meter reading

To ensure your bill is as accurate as possible


Taking your own meter readings means the bill will be based on real consumption and not on an estimate from previous consumption.

To read your water consumption, you'll need to have the following details at hand:

  • Your contract number
  • Your current consumption reading: you need to read it directly from your meter from left to right ignoring the zeroes and numbers in red, as these indicate fractions of m3, as shown in the following example.

How to take your meter reading?

  • Let us help you read your meter


    Water meters measure in cubic metres (m3)

    1 m3 equals 1,000 litres


    The black digits before the comma are the m3, and what you should give us as your reading


    The red digits are litres and don't have to be included in the reading


    If all the water valves in your home are shut off and no appliances are running, the needles should not be moving

    If they are, contact a technician, because you may have a leak

Meter Reading