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Ethical Code

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Ethical Code

At Hidralia we apply an Ethical Code that defines the values of our organisation and serves as a benchmark in everything we do, both individually and as a group.

These ethical values have always been a cornerstone of Hidralia strategy and development.

Today, more than ever, the company needs to act responsibly and ethically in its activities with regard to all stakeholders.  

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Ethic Channels

A communication channel has been set up so that anyone can make enquiries or suggestions regarding the Code of Ethics and the policies and procedures that implement its principles and values.

Likewise, this channel must be used to notify possible breaches of the Penal Compliance Policy, the Code of Ethics and its policies and procedures through the inquiry form and irregularities and complaints notification form.

Communications, enquiries and notifications should be sent to the Compliance Officer using any of the following methods:

  • Post (for the attention of the Hidralia Compliance Officer) to any of the following addresses:

C/ Alisios, nº1 – 41012 Sevilla.


All information provided will be treated confidentially. View the Ethics Channel Privacy Policy.

Penal Compliance Policy


Hidralia is resolutely committed to complying with current legislation and regulations as it results from its Code of Ethics and its strict Policies, instructions and internal procedures. At the service of this commitment, it has also provided for an exhaustive system of identification, prevention and management of the risks of regulatory non-compliance that concern both its business activity and its support processes, as well as a disciplinary system to sanction any non-compliance detected.

Hidralia has defined and implemented a Penal Compliance Management System for the identification, prevention and punishment of criminal risks, a System that has been reviewed and perfected. The Penal Compliance Policy constitutes the reference framework of said System.

Penal Compliance Policy