Water quality control

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Annual Analytical Control Plan

We ensure the quality of your water


We have developed an Annual Analytical Control Plan agreed with the Health Authority, which establishes the frequency and the different parameters to be analyzed, always ensuring full compliance with the regulations (Royal Decree 140/2003, which regulates the health criteria for drinking water quality, Royal Decree 314/2016, that incorporates the basic criteria for the protection of health against the dangers arising from ionizing radiation, in waters intended for human consumption, Royal Decree 902/2018 laying down modify Royal Decree 140/2003, and Decree 70/2009, which approves the Regulation on Health Surveillance and Water Quality of Human Consumption in Andalusia).

In Hidralia we work to guarantee the health, quality and cleanliness of the town. To do this, we comply with all legally established health and hygiene requirements to protect people’s health.

All tests are performed by an external certified laboratory that guarantees the highest standards of reliability in its results. These results are then sent to the Ministry of Health and entered into the National Drinking Water Information System (SINAC).

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Distribution network control test

To determine the physicochemical, organoleptic and microbiological characteristics of the water.

Complete analysis of the network and tanks

To determine the organoleptic, physicochemical, metal, trihalomethane, pesticide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and microbiological content

Radioactivity analysis

In accordance with the latest modification, Royal Decree 140 establishes that potential radioactivity in drinking water must be tested.

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We also use remotely managed automatic control systems that enable us to continually check and correct water quality indicators: residual chlorine, pH, conductivity and turbidity.

These automatic controls supplement lab controls, in compliance with the Drinking Water Quality Control Plan, which establishes the health criteria for the quality of drinking water.

Drinking water sampling



Quality tests

+ 44,200

per year

Remote Control of indicators



Organoleptic quality

+ 13,800

tests per year


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