Local initiatives

Environmental initiative

Campaign for proper use of wet wipes

The campaign aims to stress that wet wipes are non-biodegradable, even though this is indicated on the packaging, and take years to break down. The accumulation of their fibres causes faults, blockages and breakages in the pipes, not to mention considerable damage to pumps and wastewater treatment plants. This problem represents a cost for customers, prevents the service from functioning properly, and causes great damage to the city's environment. Like wipes, this problem is also caused by gloves and masks.

Collaboration with Unicef

Once again this year, Hidralia has joined the Spanish Committee for UNICEF's campaign to fight for the rights of all children to health, nutrition, protection, and education. For the fifth year, Hidralia has made a commitment to disseminate this campaign online and through bills and other digital communication media, such as its website, to the towns in which it manages the complete water cycle.

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