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A social pact for inclusive green reconstruction


Hidralia has positioned itself as a key player in post-pandemic recovery by fostering the Social Pact, a proposal involving all sectors (companies, government bodies and society) to respond to the challenges we, as a society, are currently facing and to contribute to inclusive green reconstruction that leaves no one behind.

What is the Social Pact?



With the aim of meeting the social and economic challenges that have arisen from the health crisis, Hidralia is advocating a social pact that guarantees sustainable and inclusive economic recovery, in accordance with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

A social pact based on cooperation and dialogue established in working groups with major stakeholders and the commitment of all – citizens, the various government bodies, social organisations and companies.

We therefore propose a more effective, sustainable and inclusive water and environmental management model that will preserve the planet, improve quality of life and protect people, particularly the most vulnerable.


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Areas of action


Hidralia seeks to reduce inequalities with two main objectives:
Guaranteeing access to water for all people, particularly the vulnerable, by means of funds, social tariffs and more flexible water bill payment terms.
To foster a fairer society by promoting local initiatives.

Quality employment

The entire action plan based on post-COVID economic reconstruction affects job creation. Jobs that Hidralia undertakes to ensure are quality, green and equitable, and that guarantee a work culture based on the essential protection of human rights and aimed at fostering equal opportunities, accessibility and inclusion, along with talent development and employability.

Green reconstruction

Hidralia is looking to contribute to the green transition to a local, sustainable resilient model based on innovation and the circular economy. To do that, we will need to invest in green infrastructure and projects, and develop benchmark digital technologies targeted at fighting climate change.

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